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Serving you since 1987

Our Company

DreamFit linens are made with our patented, elastic corner bands that are 20 times stronger than standard elastic.

In 1987, we were making our first sheets, cut and sewn by family members into many late nights.

And while we often had less-than-ideal equipment and only remnants to work with, we clearly understood our dream was to provide innovative products that improve people’s lives.

HomTex, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Jerry Wootten in Vinemont, Alabama and is headquartered in Cullman, Alabama today. The Company was founded as a contract manufacturer of sheeting. Today, HomTex has a nationally recognized brand of bedding product, DreamFit®, and sells directly to a wide variety of retailers from furniture and mattress stores, national retail chains, specialty stores, gift stores, to E-commerce. We have production and distribution facilities in the United States located in Cullman, AL; Vinemont, AL; Sylva, NC; Belton, SC; and Leoma, TN. HomTex has offices in Hangzhou China and Mumbai India. We have a showroom in Las Vegas at the World Market Center.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our rich heritage, our reputation and positioning in the marketplace and all the exciting, new opportunities we discuss daily with leading wholesale and retail partners. We will continue to focus as a company on innovation, superior quality and exceptional service. It’s a strategy that has served our company and customers well. HomTex, Inc. has now officially launched its PPE brand, Sovereign America, which will focus on critically needed PPE, that will be produced in the USA. HomTex, Inc. is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise due to the Native American Heritage of the owner, Jerry Wootten. Certificate #SR01666