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Serving you since 1987

Our Company

DreamFit linens are made with our patented, elastic corner bands that are 20 times stronger than standard elastic.

In 1987, we were making our first sheets, cut and sewn by family members into many late nights.

And while we often had less-than-ideal equipment and only remnants to work with, we clearly understood our dream was to provide innovative products that improve people’s lives.

Over the last 25 years, HomTex has grown exponentially to become a leading innovator in the global textiles industry – manufacturing and distributing HomTex and private-branded products through the home textiles, hospitality, apparel and automotive industries. While we are still family-owned and maintain our corporate headquarters in our hometown of Vinemont, Alabama, we now also have domestic production and distribution facilities in North and South Carolina as well as fully staffed offices overseas in both China and India.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our rich heritage, our reputation and positioning in the marketplace and all the exciting, new opportunities we discuss daily with leading wholesale and retail partners. We will continue to focus as a company on innovation, superior quality and exceptional service. It’s a strategy that has served our company and customers well.